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On Cloud? Refer other business to increase ROI
by Moving to Cloud.

Referrer and Referee
both get access to World Class Cloud Support at NO COST.


Smart hardware for your applications: We help you build smart hosting services for all kinds of Application Orchestration

Single Layered

Micro services


Converged Orchestration

Data Management

Work your Data Services 24/7*365: We help you build resilience and high availably without having to spend twice.

Relational Databases

Document DB


Reporting & Analytics

Data that makes sense: We help you in building robust Analytical pipeline that allows you to make well informed decisions.

Power BI

SSRS Reporting services

Al & Machine Learning

Smartest is the new Smart: We help you automate or let Bots do tasks that need to be done more than once.


Chat Bots

Security & Networking

Security is one thing that can never be ignored: Evolving Security implementation approach that will protect from known vulnerabilities and fast forward on ones yet to be discovered.





Business Continuity Planning

Preparation is Vital: We help you leverage Cloud redundancy and build Business Continuity Plan ensuring your RPO’s & RTO’s are intact

Backup (Infra, application & data)

Disaster Recovery

Application Recovery

G7CR - Driving Technology Transformation that Matters!!!