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Products and Solutions: HCM,

Product Category: HR Functions

Adrenalin creates Human Capital Management solutions that transforms your HR function into a system of the digital future, leveraging the power of software to optimize your most important resource – your people.
Adrenalin’s HCM is hosted on the cloud and the software is easy to deploy and ensures that customers can setup their own application almost immediately and benefit from a secure and scalable architecture without having to go through complex and time-consuming software and hardware installations. Clients are always on the latest version of Adrenalin, there are no capital Costs and Investments in hardware, and they can easily integrate with most other technology platforms. And, users can conveniently access the software anytime, anywhere and on any device.


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Products and Solutions: S.T.E.P

Product Category: Supply Chain

Ambily is a Supply chain company which began with a logistics platform S.T.E.P - which brings in all stakeholders including APMC Markets, Warehouses, SMB, Traders, Custom Clearance Agents, Ports, and Truckers on a virtual platform. With mobile and web interfaces various stakeholders can order/ develop their own optimized supply chain and use the trucks available on platform for movement of goods.

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Products and Solutions: BDB Platform, Yujaa

Product Category: Data Analytics

Data analytics company offering cloud platform BD BizViz- which compiles and analyses data from unstructured, semi-structured and structured data sources to help executives gain better insight into business processes and performance.

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Products and Solutions:Funtoot

Product Category: ELearning

eDreams Edusoft Private Limited operates an online platform for students. It offers funtoot, an online learning platform that analyzes interests and aptitude level of the student and customizes learning path for children by considering his/her understanding level, interests, current, and past performances and knowledge dependencies. The company’s online platform eliminates the homogeneity of tuition classes and teaches like a personal home tutor. The company also offers funtoot app that is available for android tabs.

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Products and Solutions:GST Solutions- EXACT

Product Category: Tax system

Excellon Software is an innovative technology company that leverages SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud) to deliver solutions that automate the entire post-Manufacturing operations of organisations.

EXACT GSP solution is a government mandated GST Suvidha Provider, here to make sure your transition to the new GST tax system is smooth and easy. It has a user-friendly interface with the latest technology to ensure full GST compliance.

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Products and Solutions:H&R Block

Product Category: Taxation

H&R Block’s India Centre provides innovative technology and tax support solutions for their group companies across several global locations including India, US, Canada, Australia and Ireland.

They develop and support unique solutions that enable top line growth and operational improvements for global tax filers. They are continuously building capabilities in two areas- software development & shared service support.

And for this, they leverage the power of Cloud to create scalable and robust technical solutions while remaining cost efficient and have mastered the art of building on-demand contact centre solutions to address the dynamic needs of seasonal businesses.

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Products and Solutions:Web content Curation, New domain content tracker, Mobito etc.

Product Category: Data Analytics

Mobius 365 Knowledge Services Inc, is a technology and data services company that specializes in the mining, collecting, verification, appending, processing and delivery of public business information. As well as providing outsourced knowledge and technology services for some of the world's leading publishers, the company offers online applications that monitor and convert web-sourced business information and social media content into actionable business data.

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Products and Solutions:ROC revenue assurance, ROC fraud management, IOT security etc.

Product Category: Telecom analytics solutions

Subex is a trusted global telecom solutions provider for 75% of the world’s top 50 telcos. Founded in 1992, the year when the video-telephone was launched, they have been part of the evolution of mobile technology. Today, they are consultants to global telecom carriers for operational excellence and business transformation by driving new revenue models, enhancing the customer experience and optimizing the enterprise.

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Products and Solutions:SUMMIT

Product Category: IT Operations

Symphony SUMMIT is a Cloud-based Integrated IT Operations Management platform that unifies key processes across Service, Asset, Availability and Project Management. Enterprises and Service Providers use SUMMIT to dramatically reduce cost and complexity of their IT Operations while improving efficiency, productivity, predictability and control.

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Interakt (Resulticks)

Products and Solutions:Resulticks

Product Category: Digital Marketing

Interakt was started as a full-service communications company, offering an expansive spectrum of services, particularly across the digital marketing and communications space.
Resulticks- A truly integrated real-time conversation marketing cloud platform built from the ground up by marketers for marketers-delivers top-line growth by enabling marketers to engage every prospect, lead, or customer in highly personalized, real-time experiences from the first click to conversion.
With its unique Smart Link technology and big data backbone, Resulticks helps marketers create and deliver targeted, contextual multi-dimensional communications and campaigns through all digital channels: email, mobile, SMS, QR, beacons, social, ORM, web notifications, and virtual assistants.

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Products and Solutions:YFRET

Product Category: Digital Marketing

Platform that simplifies data driven marketing. Their “marketing assistant for e-commerce” suggests the best campaigns for the marketer by digging into deep product intelligence and user insights and easily translating them to campaigns on multiple channels: email, mobile, SMS, QR, beacons, social, ORM, web notifications, and virtual assistants.

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