OMP – Data migration & Real-time Data Sync Tool

Migrating out of Dynamo DB? or Setting up Real-time sync Disaster Recovery scenario?

One-Time Migration

You can now move your data from Dynamo to Cosmos DB, Mongo DB or Cassandra engine with OMP and the tool is capable of handling any of your migration scenarios be it one time load and cut over or real time sync until you are ready for the cut over. The tool handles the transformation & validation requirements of any migration so you can migrate with confidence.

Real -Time Data Sync

Meet your business requirements without being lock down by the Cloud Platform limitations. Real-Time Data Sync capabilities of OMP, allows you to Sync your Data in real-time from Dynamo DB to Cosmos DB, Mongo DB or Cassandra engine allowing you to meet data residency requirements, Plan Business Continuity or Data integration requirement for your Data warehouse systems on Azure.

OMP is offer as SaaS product offer in following plan:

OMP for Migration

(Contact for Pricing)

OMP for Real-Time Data Sync

(Starting from $10 per month)


Step 1: Connect your source and destination database:

Step 2: Enter your Database credentials

Step 3: Select Data replication options

Step 4: Start replication immediately or schedule it for a later time

Step 5: Estimate your initial load time

Step 6: Once the full data copy is completed user gets a notification regarding the same.

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